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Agriwash (UK) Ltd recognises that good livestock health begins with a disease free environment. You can kill nearly 80% of pathogens with a thorough cleaning process; utilising industry standard pre-cleaning agents which loosen oil, grease and particles. Giving these pre-cleaning agents the optimal time length; while using the correct dilution rates is essential to achieving a clean environment! 


Highly skilled hygiene specialists are trained from day one in the use and application of industry standard pre-cleaning agents. Agriwash (UK) Ltd stock pre-cleaning agents, DEFRA approved disinfectants and other specialist products; please follow the link provided below for more information: 


Agriwash (UK) Ltd offer both hot & cold wash treatment plans. This enables years of grease, stains and dirt particles to be removed via hot water, low pressure solutions. Specialising within the heavily audited poultry industry; Agriwash (UK) Ltd have a wealth of both knowledge & experience servicing all types of livestock housing: 







Recently within the poultry industry their has been major growth within the multi-tier laying sector. Adapting to this change AgriWash (UK) Ltd provide dedicated multi-tier teams; highly experienced in slat washing & tiered systems but also ensuring the process is completed within the clean out time!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via the link provided below: