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AgriWash (UK) Ltd provide many other services to suit your housings needs. 

FLOOR BURNING is a method used to eliminate any bacteria still residing on the floor after the washing process. Any cracks which are present within your housing can allow bacteria and pathogenic particles to hide; therefore floor burning can be an effective treatment to ensure any potential disease risk is prevented. This service is extremely effective in the treatment of coccidiosis, campylobacter, salmonella and avian influenza. 

SLAT WASHING is another vital service AgriWash (UK) Ltd offer with the use of soak tanks pre-wash. The soak tanks, used with chemical, allow the litter particles within the slats to be loosened easily prior to being passed through the tailored slat washing unit. This process not only is more effective at removing stains, grease and particles; but it is also a more efficient method to meet the time constraints which are crucial on a turnaround. 

PRE-CLEANERS & DISINFECTANTS are also an integral part of AgriWash (UK) Ltd services. Providing pre-cleaning detergents, specialist products to remove limescale and different varieties of DEFRA approved disinfectants allows you to choose the product package tailored for your farm with the help of AgriWash (UK) Ltd industry experts. 

For any of the services listed above please do not hesitate to get in touch via the link provided below: