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Agriwash (UK) Ltd provide a reliable & efficient litter removal service for all livestock sectors across UK agriculture. In order to ensure a high quality service; Agriwash (UK) Ltd utilise specialist machinery. Dedicated employees are highly trained and certified to LANTRA, RTITB and City & Guilds strict industry standards. 

Fleet of machinery: 

  • Skid Steer Loaders

  • Pivot Steer Tractors

  • Compact Telehandlers 

Manure and dust are reservoirs for hazardous pathogens in which the likes of Avian Influenza & Coccidiosis can reside. Thorough litter removal is therefore essential to ensure your housing starts the ever more crucial process to being at the forefront of farm biosecurity & hygiene standards.

Their 8 step litter removal procedure is carried out as follows: ​

  1. Upon arrival all housing is EXAMINED & ASSESSED to ensure they are not only ready for machinery to enter but to also ensure no damage has occurred prior to litter removal. 

  2. Litter is then 'PUSHED UP' into the centre of the housing. 

  3. The compact telehandler then begins the process of LOADING any waiting lorries/tractors & trailers. 

  4. We then utilise our CAROUSEL BROOM to remove any remaining litter from confined spaces such as walls & posts.

  5. Then begins the BLOW DOWN using powerful backpack blowers to remove all dust from the shell, fans and feed lines of housing. All remaining dust & litter is then blown into the middle. 

  6. The COLLECTION BRUSH then gathers all remaining material both inside & outside the housing. 

  7. All machinery is then thoroughly WASHED & DISINFECTED, with another thorough examination of all housing. 

  8. Clients are then CONTACTED to ensure they are satisfied with the process, completing any relevant documentation.  

Please do not hesitate to get in contact via the link provided below:

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